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Two-Bite Brownies

I’ve been following an incredible blog by Chocolate-Covered Katie. Katie writes a blog dedicated to healthy vegan desserts. If you’re not a vegan, you may be turned off by the sound of this. Don’t be. Go visit her site. Seriously, you won’t be sorry.

I am in LOVE with her desserts. I’ve been ogling her recipes for weeks now, and I’ve even tried several of her delicious creations. I’ve been eating them all by myself. Not that I’m complaining… or anything.

I’m quite happy to continue eating solo. There’s just one small problem. If I go solo, I can’t write about the recipes. When I started this blog I promised to feature recipes that my kids eat and enjoy. Since they haven’t been eating the desserts, I haven’t been writing about them.

I really want to tell you all about Chocolate-Covered Katie and her healthy dessert blog!

Katie’s desserts are all so yummy that choosing recipes to try was difficult. I’m afraid it took up most of my brain power and there was simply no room up there to consider the kids. They were the last thing on my mind!

Every cell in my brain was preoccupied with dark chocolate and coconut, so decadent… but hardly geared towards young taste buds.

Much as I have enjoyed ravishing the desserts myself, it’s time for me to be selfless and share my new found desserts with my kids.


After much deliberation, I decided on these chocolatey brownies. My eldest and youngest have a soft spot for them, as do I. Gosh were these good! My 6 year old and 3 year old devoured them. I let them. You’ll know why, when you read the ingredients ;)

My 13 year old found them a little bitter. If your kids like their treats quite sweet then add a little more sugar. My teen-aged daughter solved her dilemma by smearing Nutella over hers!

I knew that my second born would not even look at these. She rarely touches anything chocolate. Not cookies. Not ice-cream. No cake. No chocolate chips.

Since she didn’t get to eat any dessert today, I’m going to bake us some Skinny Vanilla Cupcakes tomorrow. I’m pretty sure she’ll like those – as long as I refrain from adding chocolate chips to them.

Mmm… maybe I’ll bake two batches.

I normally write up the ingredients to recipes I feature on my blog and then provide a link to the original recipe.

I’m not doing that today.

I really want you to check out CCK (Chocolate-Covered Katie) so I’m going to simply leave you a link to her recipe. In case you’re curious, the reason I didn’t mind the kids eating two or three or four of these brownie bites is because they contain tofu.

I swear, you can’t tell!

For the recipe, click on the following link: Two-Bite Brownie Recipe

 What’s the strangest ingredient you’ve ever tried in a dessert? Mine are black beans and now tofu!


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  • susan October 12, 2012, 5:11 pm

    Oh my god! These brownies look fabulous!!! I’m going to have to bake some for myself soon. Think I’ll keep a jar of nutella handy. You can never have enough chocolate!

    • Saida (A Breath of Simplicity) October 12, 2012, 7:34 pm

      I agree!

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