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Real Food Recipes

rice crispy squares

Lose the marshmallows! Healthy rice crispy squares

My kids love rice krispie squares. I stopped buying the Ooey gooey, marshmallow loaded squares over 2 years ago; yet my kids still beg me for them if they happen to spot them at the grocery store. I’ve been stalling their requests, telling them we would buy them one day; of course we never actually do. My four year old recently told me off for my erroneous ways when he exclaimed in frustration, “but it’s already one day, TODAY!” I knew it was time READ MORE ➞

Carrot Muffins

Carrot and Applesauce Muffins

These are our favourite muffins at the moment. Often when I experiment with healthy muffin recipes they turn out a bit dry. Not these. These muffins are moist and delicious. These make a great breakfast on the go (my 15 year old rarely has time to sit down for breakfast!) and my two little ones love these muffins in their lunch boxes. I usually round them out with a boiled egg or two and some fruit. My 7 and 4 READ MORE ➞

gluten-free cookies

Gluten-free Almond Cookies

These cookies are highly addictive. Crispy on the outside; soft and chewy on the inside. I baked at least a half dozen variations of these before I was satisfied with the texture. Not a single batch of these cookies lasted past the second day. If you ask me, that’s a pretty fool proof cookie!

simple, natural foods

Real food for the whole family

Eliminating processed foods These past few months I’ve been busy working on reducing my family’s consumption of processed foods. For me, this translates into choosing foods that are primarily free of artificial flavourings, additives and preservatives.  One thing I’ve learned is that this is really hard to do. I’ve always known this, sort of… somewhere in the back of my mind, you know? But it wasn’t until I started reading food labels (and researching what some of the ingredients actually represent) that I READ MORE ➞

millet muffins

Applesauce, maple millet muffins

Muffins are a tricky business. Grocery store varieties and even healthy looking versions from the bakery are usually loaded with processed sugar. And it’s difficult to find one that is made from whole grains. When I first started baking my own whole wheat muffins they were dense and dry. Barely edible past the first day. Then I discovered whole wheat pastry flour also known as soft wheat flour. I now bake almost exclusively with it. Whole wheat pastry flour allows READ MORE ➞

french crepes

A Traditional French Crêpe Recipe

Cereal is the staple breakfast in our home. At least for the most part. My kids won’t eat one ingredient varieties like shredded wheat and my attempts at homemade granola have been met with looks of contempt – not much of a surprise as the kids are not huge fans of dried fruit or seeds. Although I steer clear of chocolate flavoured, sugar loaded, and rainbow coloured cereal wannabes, most packaged cereal boxes still contain approximately 9g of sugar per serving. READ MORE ➞

home made Ketchup

5 Minute Homemade Ketchup

Ketchup. The evil vice in our home. My teen daughter can’t stand ketchup. She’s never liked it. I used to think she was odd. Now I wish the other three felt the same way. If I let them, they would eat ketchup with everything. Like their dad. Don’t get me wrong, I like ketchup too. But there’s a time and place for it. Ketchup on a burger? Go nuts. But with an authentic Indian curry? Is that really necessary? Apparantly, it READ MORE ➞

Homemade Orange Soda

Homemade Sparkling Orange Soda

It’s not fair! Everyone drinks soda in my class. I’m the ONLY one who isn’t allowed to have soda. It’s NOT fair! Sound familiar? My six year old started the complaint with forlorn eyes and a wobbly chin but by the time she’d finished the sentence, tears were streaming down her face. I have to admire her powers of persuasion. It almost worked. Almost.  Having to deal with peer pressure at her age is hard and I feel for her. READ MORE ➞

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