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simple living

Saying “no more” to school lunch and simple living

Opting-out of school lunches I have four school aged kids. This translates into planning, preparing and packing four snacks, four lunches AND serving breakfast – by 8am five days a week. That’s a lot of work for someone who’s not a morning person! Last year, I picked my younger two kids up for lunch every Friday and it was a great way to spend some quality time with them, but I particularly enjoyed the slower, less hectic pace to my Friday READ MORE ➞

Healthy Breakfast

Feeding Kids a Real Foods Breakfast

Breakfast cereals marketed to children are typically loaded with sugar, artificial flavours, colours and additives. I’ve known this fact from way before I started eliminating processed foods from our kitchen so I used to stock our pantry with “healthy” cereals like Multi-grain Cheerios and Special K. I realized I was fooling myself when I took a good look at our “healthy” cereals and discouvered that they contain up to 12 grams of sugar per serving. To top it off, none of my kids READ MORE ➞

too many sweets

Do you deprive your kids of candy?

To celebrate the end of the school year, my 7 year old’s teacher had the kids complete the second half of a little booklet. The idea was to show the kids how much their writing had improved over the course of the school year. My daughter showed me the booklet and had a good laugh about how bad her spelling used to be. I, on the other hand, couldn’t move past the topic she chose to write about. Candy deprivation. Hmm… READ MORE ➞

Healthy Food

5 things we’re loving lately

This is the first of a series of posts that I’m hoping to publish on a regular basis. I’m always on the look out for healthy food products at the grocery store; products that I feel would make a great addition to our kitchen pantry (okay, I admit, it’s usually packaged, convenience foods, but these are necessary when you have four kids)! My trial purchases are usually a case of hit and miss so you can imagine the resulting euphoria READ MORE ➞

after school snack

After-school snacks + thinking outside the box

After-school hunger pangs Every morning my three kids leave home with lunch bags filled with healthy snacks and a hearty lunch. Every afternoon these same kids return home starving. I tried moving dinner up an hour (from 6pm to 5pm) and suggested the kids wait it out but was informed in no uncertain terms that I may as well ask them to starve! When fruit, yogurt, peanut butter and crackers didn’t cut it I began baking more often. I served healthy READ MORE ➞

natural food pantry

How to start a (natural) real foods pantry

When I first began my journey in real food, one of the first things I did was replace white, processed foods with whole food alternatives. I also switched to whole food versions for frequently used ingredients such as oils and sweeteners. The following list is a good place to start when you are new to real food. 1. Replace white bread with 100% whole grain bread. Don’t be fooled like I was. I used to think that whole wheat and whole grain READ MORE ➞

dirty dozen

Use the Dirty Dozen list to allocate your organic food budget

It would be nice if we could purchase only organic fruits and vegetables however, for most of us this simply isn’t a viable option. The Environment Working Group (EWG) created the dirty dozen plus and the clean fifteen lists to help consumers minimize their exposure to pesticide residue. The lists make it easier to prioritize how to allocate your budget for organic produce. If you can’t afford organic (or have limited access to it), the lists can be used to avoid fruits READ MORE ➞

organic milk

Is organic milk worth the premium price tag?

Not all brands of milk are created equal. So how do you choose which brand to purchase? What exactly are you paying for when you purchase organic milk in Canada? Growth hormones and antibiotics Artificial growth hormones: The use of artificial growth hormones is not approved for sale in Canada or Europe. However, it is permitted in the USA. Antibiotics: In Canada, if a cow gets sick and needs antibiotics, the cow’s milk supply is discarded for a mandatory period READ MORE ➞

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