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A Reward Chart that Works!

My teen daughters grew up with a plethora of reward charts (I liked to switch them up) but I’ve somehow neglected to implement a system for the younger two. My five year old son has an aversion to brushing his teeth. And if that isn’t enough, he also doesn’t like to dress himself in the mornings :( On week-ends he’s often still in his PJ’s at lunch time (don’t judge. I got SO tired of listening to myself nagging at him READ MORE ➞

simple living

Un-scheduling your kids simple life

“Children need free, unstructured time. They need time to do ‘nothing’; time to do handstands. Or figure out a way to get the ice-cream truck to continue straight down the block without always turning at the corner. Or to make a good ice-cream truck plan while practicing handstands. ” ~ Kim John Payne. Simple living and un-scheduling your kids lives Last Summer, my younger kids and I packed a lunch and spent most of our afternoons at a neighbourhood park. They READ MORE ➞

Simple life

Put mummy aside and make time for YOU

Procrastination.  According to Wikipedia, procrastination “is the practice of carrying out less urgent tasks in preference to more urgent ones, or doing more pleasurable things in place of less pleasurable ones, and thus putting off impending tasks to a later time, sometimes to the last minute.” That pretty much defined my behaviour for the first half of the school year. My four year old (the youngest of my four kids) started school in September and for the first time in a very READ MORE ➞

number activities

Mirror math with glass gems and dry erase markers

I’ve been doing a lot of number counting with my four year old and when I saw the post about number bubbles on Mamma.Papa.Bubba I knew that these mirrors would be a hit at our house. I was right. I couldn’t find mirror tiles at the dollar store (I checked several stores) and in the end I got mine from Ikea for $7.99. It was a four pack amounting to $2 a piece. Here’s what you need for this activity: mirror tiles READ MORE ➞

painted rocks

Alphabet (Painted) Rocks

These were inspired by a set of alphabet painted baltic sea pebbles I spotted on Etsy.  Last year. Safiya collected pebbles (that were flat and just the right size) last Summer and she’s been waiting patiently ever since for us to get around to this project. I finally bought some acrylic paint and a can of glaze (plus a pack of pebbles from the dollar store so we’d have enough to go around)! While I was painting my ABC’s, the READ MORE ➞

picky eaters

A FUN, Interactive System to Transform Your Picky Eater

See that cute kid on the fridge magnet? That’s my darling seven year old. Two years ago she ate a variety of foods that covered all the major food groups. She could have been a poster child for the food pyramid. Not so much anymore.   To rectify the situation, I was searching online for kid’s nutrition activities (I was hoping to teach mine the importance of a varied diet) when I stumbled upon a nutrition chart that was used by a mum READ MORE ➞

teens eating

Keep Calm and Carry On

  My teens complain ALL THE TIME that there is nothing to eat. But this is a good thing. There used to be plenty to eat at our house. The pantry was stocked with cookies, assorted chip packets and microwave popcorn. And that’s just a sample of the snacks that used to be. We also had Bear Paw Brownies, chocolate chip granola bars and Rice Krispies squares. Yes, there used to be plenty to eat at our house. My teens READ MORE ➞

good picture books

Do You Arm Yourself Before You Head to the Library?

When my teens were little the local library was our second home. Over the years, our visits to the library have become infrequent and my seven year old is beginning to show visible signs of neglect. Don’t get me wrong. We do read. We have a descent stash of books, and I’ve been adding to our collection periodically. However, in the last six months, my seven year old has turned into quite the avid reader and I’ve failed to keep READ MORE ➞

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