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Pretty Organized Spices

I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea but I like to organize. I find it therapeutic (sad, but true).

You have to agree, though, that things look better when you’ve established some kind of order. My recently organized spices are the perfect example. Don’t they look pretty :)

I used to constantly sift through my stacks of half-filled packets and various shaped containers trying to locate the spices I needed. I’ve now dedicated a drawer to my spice jars and I love the uniformed look and how they’re clearly labeled.

I came across the idea on a website some time ago (I can’t remember the name) where someone had organized their spices in glass jars, and they looked really good. I’d been on the look out for some jars ever since, but I was having trouble finding any that I liked (they were either too big or not airtight). Then I saw these at a local kitchen store.

It was love at first sight. They looked so quaint. They’re available on Amazon but they won’t ship them to Canada.

These spice jars are beautiful to handle and they fit just right in the palm of my hand. They’re also perfectly sized for 4oz spice packets/bottles and the mouth is wide enough to fit an entire tablespoon.

It took me awhile to come up with a decent labeling system. I didn’t want to use labels as they leave a sticky residue and I wanted to be able to interchange the spices. I ultimately decided to use chalkboard paint for the tops of the lids. In the beginning, I used regular chalk to label the jars but the writing would get smudged and some of the spice names were a challenge to fit on the lids.

A couple of months later, I discovered the Chalk Ink Pen.

It’s a really neat writing tool (I know this next part sounds cheesy, but I can’t help myself). It writes like a pen but looks like chalk!

Of course, chalk ink isn’t available anywhere in Canada, but lucky for me, this time around Amazon was able to ship it to me :)

Organized SpicesOrganized Spices

If I had to do it over (now that I have the chalk ink pen) I would skip the chalk paint and write directly on top of the glass lids (I like being able to look down at the spices through the lids).

A cheaper alternative would be to use small Bernstein jars and chalk paint the top of the lids. I think they’d look really good, especially if you can find some with cute designs on the side of the jars. Something like these 4 oz quilted mason jars.

I should have used the Bernstein jars myself. What can I say?

Love is blind!

I’d love to have my spices out on display, but for now they’re hidden in a drawer. How do you organize your spices?

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  • Kate June 16, 2013, 11:21 pm

    I grow my herbs. When I want to use some, I go out to my porch and cut it. Beyond what I grow I have some that are in the jars they were in when I purchased them. I find them easier to find that way. I might have them in a drawer, if I had any drawers in my kitchen. Somehow when I was looking to buy this house, I neglected to notice that there was not even one single solitary drawer in the kitchen!! Oh what fun this has been. I have learned to be “creative” and to “simplify” what I need to have easily accessible.

    • saida June 16, 2013, 11:36 pm

      I haven’t ventured in that direction yet but would love to one day grow my own herbs. I love the smell of fresh Basil! Perhaps once we move, I shall develop a little herb garden of my own :)

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