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Put mummy aside and make time for YOU

Procrastination.  According to Wikipedia, procrastination “is the practice of carrying out less urgent tasks in preference to more urgent ones, or doing more pleasurable things in place of less pleasurable ones, and thus putting off impending tasks to a later time, sometimes to the last minute.”

That pretty much defined my behaviour for the first half of the school year.

My four year old (the youngest of my four kids) started school in September and for the first time in a very long time, I had time to do – whatever. Anything I wanted (and understand that when I say a very long time I’m talking about years. Fourteen years to be exact.

Instead of being productive during the precious six hours that my kids were at school, I spent most days fiddling around on my blog and reading other peoples blogs (there are so many great blogs out there)! I also made lists. Lists of things I wanted to do; like volunteer more and start exercising.

While I procrastinated, my mind periodically stumbled upon the tasks that awaited my attention, but I was good at pushing the guilt aside. I told myself I would start my day in an hour, in half an hour, in another half hour.

More often than not, it wasn’t until it was time for the kids to come home from school that I allowed myself to dwell on how I’d managed, yet again to waste a perfectly good day.

When the kids got home I should have been all ears; ready to listen to their colourful stories.

Instead, I tried to pay attention (I wasn’t very convincing) whilst I scrambled to get dinner ready, the laundry folded and tackled the chores I had neglected all day.

I wasn’t particularly productive for the first half of the school year.

But :(

I won’t be too hard on myself.

Everyone needs time to do ‘nothing’. I ignored myself for many years and it took awhile to catch up.

When my youngest started school everyone kept saying I would be bored.

I wasn’t bored. I was burned out.

It’s taken several months for me to recover. But I do feel whole again.

I finally got in touch with ME. We’d lost touch with each other when I became Mummy.

I know a lot of you have little ones at home and some of you may have chosen to home school your kids.

But please remember that it is REALLY important to take time for YOU. Make time for yourself to just sit and think, and to do NOTHING.

Because I didn’t.

Tonight, when you put the kids to bed, don’t just sit and watch TV. Do something – for you. Or wake up an hour earlier and spend some time alone with yourself. I know it can feel like more work. Trust me, I get it. But it’s worth it.

You’re worth it!

Photo Credit: Thomas Rousing

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