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Simple Foods for NOT so Simple Kids!

I recently stumbled upon the phenomena of simple living and was particularly drawn to the aspect of simple foods. I’ve been spending a lot of time browsing natural food blogs and stocking up on clean-eating cook books. Armed with these resources, I’ve been introducing simple foods to my kitchen and I’ve been really savoring (and photographing) the process.

Switching to simple foods can be a challenge when you’re cooking for a group with kids in the mix, particularly when these kids are past the toddler years (my older two are 11 and 13). Accommodating four kids and their taste buds is difficult (translation: impossible), yet the fact remains that life runs much smoother when your kids like the foods you cook.

Any joy I experience in the kitchen can quickly diminish to a dim memory when my simple offering is met with – well, let’s just call it a lack of enthusiasm! Often my hard work in the kitchen is met with audible groans, if not blatant rejection (please tell me I’m not alone in this experience)!

In contrast, my “mummy” ego experiences a real boost when my attempt to recreate a wholesome meal is accepted with relish. Now, if only this scenario could be experienced on a more regular basis…

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could sway the odds in your favor?

By sharing my experience with simple recipes I hope to make the journey a little easier for others who are in the same boat. And if you’re a veteran on simple foods I’d love to hear your thoughts on recipes that are kid-friendly!

Recipes featured in my simplicity journal meet the following criteria:

  • They are made using simple ingredients (no processed icky stuff)
  • They are fairly quick and easy to follow
  • Three out of four of my kids should like (and eat) what I put in front of them (it is very, very rare that all four of my kids will like my concoctions, so three out of four is considered a success)!

I’ve just recently become aware of the simple or natural food phenomena and I have a long way to go before I reach my ultimate goal of eating primarily natural foods. I’m also not much of a cook when left to my own devices. I do, however, enjoy experimenting with food and trying other peoples recipes!

I am at best, a work in progress. I may as well admit that I have an unhealthy attitude to Coke as well as a debilitating addiction to Nutella (with a spoon)! Unfortunately, my older girls have caught on, and until I kick the habit, I have to indulge in secret!

My goal is to fill my pantry with nothing but simple foods. My ultimate goal is to reach this state AND to no longer miss the junk/snack foods that we often rely on. Until then, I will continue to feel good knowing that I am able to coax my kitchen to serve simple foods that the whole family can enjoy.

I find it easy to serve simple foods for dinner but struggle with snacks. What meal do you find the hardest to simplify?


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