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Why I Started Picking-Up My Kids For Lunch Recess

Now that Summer is over, all four kids are in full-time school.

For the first time in 14 years I have a stretch of time during the day where I am able to do as I please, when I please, and how I please. Also missing is the constant chorus in the background of “mummy! mummy!

I’d be lying if I said I’m not enjoying the peace and quiet. However, the real test will come next week when my mum returns to England, and I find myself completely alone for 6 1/2 hours – five days a week.

With all this time to myself I’m starting to see glimpses of my old self. Flashbacks of the distant past when I was a mum to two small girls as opposed to two teens and two little ones. Back then, I used to be more like how I aspire to be today.

I would spend hours researching cool crafts to replicate at home, including recipes for home made play dough. These days I purchase store bought play dough and my mind is often pre-occupied by thoughts of the clean-up afterwards!

I feel a change coming…

The kids have been in school for just 3 weeks and already I’m thinking of how to spend more quality time with them.

One of  my daughter’s classmates goes home for lunch and mine has been asking to do the same. Last Friday, I told her (and her  brother) that I would pick them up for lunch recess and that we’d head to a nearby park.

The weather was glorious and because the kids didn’t have their bikes or scooters with them they actually played on the park equipment (they’ve been reluctant to leave their wheels behind all Summer)!

We had a lovely time and I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed connecting with the kids half way through their school day. My four year old has adjusted to school well and loves it, but he complains that the day is too long.

I knew he would be happy to see me at lunch time, but I was surprised at how content he was to head back to complete the rest of his school day.


Although I had to plan my day around their lunch time it was totally worth it!

When they come home after school there’s always plenty to do, even on days when we don’t have any after school activities planned. There’s snack, homework, dinner, showers, etc, plus they’re competing for my attention with the older girls. Meeting for lunch was a great way to re-connect during the day when things aren’t quite as hectic.

It was nice.

We’ve agreed to make a weekly ritual out of Friday lunch. It’ll be our way to celebrate the upcoming week-end.

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