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Toy Organization with Peek-a-boo Toy Bags

Peek-a-boo toy bags have transformed my life and the way my kids play. Toy organization could not be simpler. These bags are GENIUS!

Toys rarely come with any form of durable storage. If they do, the space is so tight that it takes FOREVER to put all the pieces back and have them fit. My six year old loves to play with her Jenga blocks but rarely brings them out because it takes so long to lay them exactly right in the container for the lid to close!

Our Jenga blocks now live in a Peek-a-boo toy bag, making clean up a breeze.

Over the course of a week, I stitched several of these cute bags. Any toy that was part of a set or could be grouped together like toy cars – got a Peek-a-boo bag. There’s a little window, so you can see exactly what’s in each bag without having to open it (did I mention they were genius)? I use the drawstring to hang the bags on little hooks on a wall that separates the breakfast area from the family room. Every week or two I switch the bags up so that the kids have easy access to different toys.

When the kids get bored they can usually be persuaded to pick a bag (and its contents) to play with. The best part is that I no longer have to prompt them to clean up after themselves. Even my three yer old packs up and hangs the bag back up on the hook when he’s done playing. I kid you not.

If you’re still not convinced to dust the cobwebs off your sewing basket, let me elaborate a little on how these bags have affected play time.

1. The kids play with the toys a lot more than when they were stored in boxes and baskets.

2. They play with the toys for longer stretches of time.

3. Clean up is a breeze and requires little or no prompting.

Convinced? Then check out this tutorial on how to make these awesome Peek-a-boo toy bags for yourself. Don’t stress. The tutorial is detailed and simple to follow.

ON A SIDENOTE: I learned to sew six years ago and spent the entire Summer sewing. I was in the third trimester of my third pregnancy and I was on a mission (don’t ask)! I would stay up until 2am finishing a project only to start a new one the next day. It drove my husband crazy. After I had my baby (early September) I packed up the sewing machine and never used it again.

Until now.

It took me 5 minutes to figure out how to thread the machine and another 10 minutes to figure out how to thread the bobbin (I had to consult the manual). With my limited knowledge, it took me a couple of hours to sew each bag. If you’re an avid sewer you can probably complete each Peek-a-boo bag within an hour.

You do need some basic sewing skills to follow the tutorial.

Happy sewing!

Do you allocate storage space for toys in the family room or are they strictly banished to the kids bedrooms and/or basement?


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  • Davina March 10, 2014, 12:29 am

    Hi Saida,
    I made one of these this weekend, and it turned out pretty well. It came together much easier then I thought it would. I plan to make many more!
    Thanks for sharing this.

    • saida March 10, 2014, 6:43 pm

      You’re welcome. I’m so glad you liked it!

  • Davina March 5, 2014, 11:43 pm

    I was wondering if you had a hard time finding the PVC plastic for these bags? Do you remember where you found it?
    I’m looking forward to making some of these!

    • saida March 6, 2014, 1:03 am

      I do! I bought the material and the PVC plastic from Fabricland. I’m not sure where you’re located but the best place to look is probably in a fabric store. Good Luck!

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